If you're looking for romance, you've come to right place! 

Justine is the author of 4 contemporary romance novels, 2 erotic novellas, and 1 humorous short story about a guy looking for love in all the wrong places. 

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Here's a little bit of info about her:
She has this blog/website and she has Twitter and Facebook, but you'll quickly learn that she doesn't really blog or tweet or obsess about her Facebook feed. She did a few years ago, but like everything, things and circumstances change. She likes to spend time doing what she loves to do, which is write and spend time with her family. Because of that, you'll rarely find her hanging around the interwebs.
 She does, however, LOVE getting and responding to emails.
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She also likes to be honest: she's a a storyteller, not a writer. If you can't handle a few misspelled words or grammatical errors in a book, she suggest not reading hers.
Mistakes are a part of life and no one is perfect.
Some things in the publishing industry are overrated.
Good stories, however, are not.